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Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

COIPA offers a suite of specialized services to enhance healthcare operations. From precise credentialing to tailored consulting, we're here to support your clinic's success

Comprehensive Services for Our Community

At COIPA, we offer a wide range of services to support both our members and non-members. From billing and provider enrollment to credentialing verification and consulting, we have you covered.

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Streamline your billing process and improve revenue collection with our efficient solutions.

Provider Enrollment

Provider Enrollment

Join our network of healthcare providers and gain access to a wide range of benefits.

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Credentialing Verification

Ensure the qualifications and credentials of your providers with our thorough verification process.

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Tap into our expertise and receive guidance on various aspects of your medical practice.

Non-member Billing for Expanded Provider Types

A physical therapist helping a patient
A physical therapist helping a patient
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Utilize COIPA’s experienced medical billing team for your alternative care practice without becoming a member. Our customizable billing options are now available to the following licensed provider types: PT, OT, ND, DC, LAc, and LMTs!

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Reliable Verification Services

Precision in Credentialing

As a trusted Credentials Verification Organization, COIPA handles credentialing applications and verifications for numerous healthcare entities, ensuring accuracy without the complexities of peer review or contracting.

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Accurate Reimbursement, Every Time

Billing: Revenue Cycle Excellence

COIPA's Billing Program ensures that clinicians are rightfully compensated for their services. We focus on accuracy and efficiency, aligning with the financial objectives of your clinic.

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Solutions for Modern Clinics

Specialized Healthcare Consulting

From opening your new practice to streamlining your current process, COIPA's consulting services address diverse needs, helping clinics achieve their objectives efficiently.

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Stay Tuned for What's Next!

Provider Enrollment: The Next Step

COIPA's provider enrollment program ensures efficient processes to receive timely payments.  We support multi payer provider and facility enrollments while tracking each step of the process so the clinic doesn't have to.

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Take the Next Step with COIPA

Ready to elevate your healthcare operations? From credentialing to consulting, COIPA is here to support every facet of your clinic's journey. Reach out today and discover the difference we can make.